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Saturday 11 June 2016

Man Stole 19 Iphones From Apple Store By Dressing Like An Employee

The same incident happened some weeks back when a woman disguise as an Apple worker and stole eight phone from the store on Feb 16. Last week, this same technique was used but this time it was neatly done by two men.

Apple store stolen 19 iphones

Last week, the police in New Yoke reported that two thieves managed to steal 19 Iphones from Apple Store simply by dressing like employees. According to DNAinfo, the thief dressed exactly like Apple's own workers walked into the electronic repair room of SOHO store, grabbed 19 iphones worth $16,130 and gave it to an accomplice who hide them under his shirt. They both walked out of the store.

Mainly looking at the scenario, The thieves obviously has an insider who gave them such info as to where the spared iphones are located or they probably have been studying the in and out of the store for quite some time because it takes someone to know the layer of a store before you can confidently walked to specific place where the spare iphones are kept right ? 

A source from the store told the post that "nobody will question" an unfamiliar face as long as they are wearing a familiar shirt.

So what your opinion on this. Do you think it's an inside job?

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