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Wednesday 8 June 2016

This Phone Case Will Let You Run Android OS On Your Iphone

A developer named Nick Lee has earned himself a reputation when he put a very weird operating system on Apple gadget which include "window 95 on Apple watch". As if that was not enough Nick Lee has succeeded in bringing Android OS to Iphone. All you need is a 3D printed smartphone case to make it work.


Lee clone an AOSP- An android open source project and make an Android Marshmallow. He then 3D printed an iPhone-sized enclosure found on Thinkgiverse. He combined the board, a boost converter, a battery, and resistor to make a not too heavy case .

android case to run os on iphone

In a Nutshell, A communication is establish with an iPhone via the USB, which transmits the content of the android screen, then translate touch events from the iPhone to android.

Android OS on Iphone

Nick Lee is currently working as CTO in Tendigi- a company that's into mobile design and development studio base in brookly, and Lee uses his IOS Apps to communicate with the case he design to load it custom android Version on his Iphone 6S's display.

Via Tendigi


  1. The case looks awesome. I have doubts on the functionality, as it appears the case is using some mirroring technique to make Android available on iPhone / iPad devices. ??

    1. sort of, A daemon is used to write that connects to the usbmuxd service, transmitting the screen’s contents to the iPhone and emulating touch events on the Android side.


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