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Saturday 12 March 2016

Watch Lil Wayne Give Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge A Champagne Bath

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was launched today and the company run some advert using some of the America Rap Artist in which Lli Wayne was featured in celebration. On a spot lil Wayne douse with his Samsung Galaxy S7 saying:
"I could pour this champagne on my phone and it still work,"

champagne on galaxy s7 by lil wayne

While proudly saying those words, his friends could not believe if he could really do that, Naturally, one of Wayne's friend tries to do the same with what looks like an iPhone, and the device instantly meets its demise.

But no worries, since Wayne estimate net worth is $150 Million he can as well get thousand Samsung S7 as he want.  But it a beautiful way of telling the feature of Samsung Galaxy S7 to the world, Nonetheless, Samsung strictly advice not to follow Lil Wayne's footsteps by saying "do not attempt." But i'm so certain lot of Lil Wayne Fans will definitely want to try this in respective of the warning.

Are you Lil Wayne's Fan? how can you best describe this act? use the comment box below

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