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Monday 14 March 2016

IHS Teardown Reveal: Samsung Galaxy S7 Costs $255 To Build

An as-yet unpublish report from IHS has reveal that it cost Samsung almost $255 in component and built cost of Samsung Galaxy S7, which is really close to the same amount use last year on the Samsung Galaxy S6 according to RE/Code which clearly indicating that high-end materials are dropping in price.

Surprisingly, the most expensive component inside the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor. The quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor costs Samsung $62 according to IHS’ teardown and analysis. Which take almost the Quarter of the Samsung Galaxy S7 component and build cost.

Another Component mentioned in the Re/Code report is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera unit, Though some are ship with Sony sensor while other are ship with samsung made. But the camera unit still cost Samsung $13.70 each Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone. Though according to the report Samsung will be making huge profit on each phone sold, the phone is sold in the US for $670.

No other component mention so far by Re/code, But you will be updated once the full report is published later today.

Do you have this phone already, how much did you get it? use the comment box.

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