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Thursday 17 March 2016

Attack Alarm: BBC, MSN Has Been Hit By Malicious Advert Attack, What You Don't Know

Several large website has been hit with malicious advert attack, which infect some visitor with ramsomware. Site like BBC, MSN, the New York Times, AOL, Newsweek and several others, has been attack with this malicious advert.

BBC, MSN hit by malicious ad attack

According to Researcher, the malicious advert was channelled through four different ad network to the sites, though this advert was targeting people browsing from US. With the help of three security companies it was deduce that the malicious ad was displayed on 13 top websites which get more than one million visitors per day.

According to BBC, analysis by Trustwave researchers suggested the attack managed to put ads on so many sites because the perpetrators behind it gained ownership of a web domain that used to supply legitimate adverts. The former owners of this domain did not renew it in January, letting it fall into the hands of the criminals.

"This provides them with high quality traffic from popular websites that publish their ads directly," wrote Daniel Chechik, Simon Kenin and Rami Kogan in a blogpost.

Researchers at Malwarebytes and Trend Micro found several other domains being used to supply the booby-trapped adverts.

Anyone clicking on a malicious advert was taken to a separate page that attempted to infect them with either a variant of ransomware known as Cryptowall, or a trojan that gave attackers remote access to their computer

For you not to fall victim, it is advice not install unsafe program such as flash, Java and Microsoft's Silverlight, if you already do, please update them, and also dont forget to update your web browser, this are hackers favourite root to hack into.

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