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Saturday 14 November 2015

You Might Be At Risk While Using Chrome Browser Online

Online risk is what most of us are careful of despite the fact that will all love to surf the net either to download or know the latest trends so we will not be in the dark. Chrome browser is one of the top app for surfing Web because of it flexibility and speed, etc.

risk of using Chrome online

But of recent a risk was detected online by a researcher, according to a researcher at Qihoo 360, there is an exploit in the Chrome browser that can destroy (hack) your phone even if it’s up-to-date provided you visit an infected site. The exploit takes advantage of a vulnerability in JavaScript V8. 

Chrome browser risk
Images source: andriodcentral 

So either you bought a brand new phone doesn't single you out against this risk, when a new pop up tab is open be sure is what you want that's in it, if not simply close it and move away from such dangerous site. A Google expert has been working on this so for the mean time stick to other browser. We keep you updated when fixed.

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