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Thursday 12 November 2015

TensorFlow: Google Is About to Dominate The World With Artificial intelligence

The way technology has been revolving in this Era has been of immense value to human,  but most folks think this rapid dominant might be a thread to human race because it will or might eventually take over human someday. To me, even  with the evolving state of technology it can't be as human at solving problems via reasoning and tactics. What's your say on this?

TensorFlow Google
Google TensorFlow 

Now Google introduce Tensor Flow - The andriod of AI; is a learning machine that has already been powering Google features like the search function in the Google photo app, smart reply, speech recognition etc.

For those who are still in the dark, TensorFlow is a library of algorithms that allows Google to train computer systems to think and learn similarly to the way humans do. It is based on a model that allows machines recognizes things the way humans do and they are opening the door for companies and computer scientists around the world to implement these algorithms in their own products and research which will benefit Google at the end of the day.

TensorFlow by Google

There is an open source if you are a developer for you to exploit your creativity as a developer.  Click here as TensorFlow developer . If you a non developer you can simply relax and enjoy this new features coming from the giant Google itself.  Lol.

Here is what the Google now CEO Chennapragada has to say to this
“There’s a thin line between magic and mystery, and we want to be on the right side of it.”
So what's your opinion on this?

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