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Thursday 26 November 2015

Microsoft Cuts Down Women Jobs Now Having More Male Than Last Year

Microsofts realeases a diversity report that shows a reductions of genders in the company, the percentage of female workers was reduce from 29% last year to 26.7% this year!

According to Microsoft’s global diversity and inclusion general manager, Gwen Houston, the decline was caused by the company’s decision to shrink its international factory workforce. below is her exact words:
The workforce reductions resulting from the restructure of our phone hardware business impacted factory and production facilities outside the U.S. that produce handsets and hardware, and a higher percentage of those jobs were held by women,” she wrote, adding that it was a “strategic business decision” that lead to fewer female employees.

Though this a good news for the black, Microsoft now has 59.2% whites compared to 60.5% last year with the Blacks and Latinos making up 8.9% of the company.

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