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Friday 20 November 2015

Facebook Take A Break Tool: How To Hide Your Ex On Facebook

Don't know why tech companies dim it necessary to make a relationship better  or do I say worse? Facebook has just join Google by introducing a tools called ''Take A Break'' what this tool does is to hide your ex's activities instead of deleting them permanently.

how to hide your ex's on Facebook

So when a user change thier relationship status to single they will see this three options.

1st option: See less of your ex’s name and profile picture, i.e. their posts won’t pop up in your news feed neither will their names be suggested to you.

2nd option: Limit photos, videos, or status updates that your former partner can see. This is like updating your privacy settings to hide posts from your ex.

3rd option: Edit who can see your past posts that include a former partner and untag yourself from posts your ex previously tagged you in so you can forget you two even knew each other

So what do you think? Does it make things better or worse? What options do you prefer?

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