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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Your VPN Is Lying To You? Find Out

Most time we love to use VPN either to keep our identity safe online or to unblock websites that had some geo-location lock enabled. That's why you have several VPN provider these day, but are they really safe to use or they are just bunch of VPN company trying to fool it users?

The top major VPN providers you have come across or use are not really who they claim, some boast of server network location spanning the entire world. It seems they are emphasizing quantity over quality. Do VPNs really have all the servers they claim in exotic locations all over the world? well, the simple answer is NO.

DON'T MISS: How To Know Fake VPN Server Locations

RestorePrivacy has just reveal the trick most VPN providers uses to deceive it customer into subscribing to it services. The company pointed out that, "The true location of some VPN servers may be entirely different. In other words, a server that is allegedly in Pakistan is actually in Singapore. Or a server that should be in Saudi Arabia is actually in Los Angeles, California. This is known as spoofing the true location." Which shows that customers are not getting the real server they paid for and also most VPN providers uses fake server location.

Fake VPN Providers

Having said that, you might be wondering why top VPN providers use this fake server location, well, RestorePrivacy pointed out. "The incentives are mainly financial. First, it saves lots of money. Using one server to fake numerous server locations will significantly reduce costs. (Dedicated premium servers are quite expensive.) Second, advertising numerous server locations in a variety of countries may appeal to more people, which will sell more VPN subscriptions." which indicate VPN providers are trying to make more money rather than provide quality service the customer paid for.
So far, three high-rated VPN provider has been tested and it turns out all the threeVPN provider has been using fake server location. They are PureVPN, HideMyAss and ExpressVPN. These are popular services used by tens of millions of people. ExpressVPN was listed by TechRadar as one of the best VPN services of 2017 and is endorsed by Hidemyass got a big positive profile in The Guardian, serves tens of millions of users and was recommended in 2016 by PCWorld as a "tested" service that protects your privacy. PureVPN was listed in Extreme Tech's recent "five best VPNs" list, and the service is endorsed by BoingBoing, which hails it as "the world's fastest VPN."

According to RestorePrivacy, ExpressVPN has 11 fake server locations; it also found about five server locations with PureVPN with many more fake server to be identified. Regarding HideMyAss boasting of  "physical servers in 190+ countries," RestorePrivacy says if you believe that, you are in the  'long thing'.

There are strange locations in HideMyAss VPN, such as North Korea, Zimbabwe, and even Somalia". It wrote:
Hidemyass refers to these fictitious server locations as "virtual locations" on their website. Unfortunately, they do not have a server page available to the public, so I could not test any of the locations. The Hidemyass chat representative I spoke with confirmed they use fake "virtual" locations, but could not tell me which locations were fake and which were real.

A week after RestorePrivacy's post called them on it, ExpressVPN "admitted to numerous fake locations on its website (mirror) -- 29 fictitious locations in total," it wrote. "Just like PureVPN and Hidemyass, ExpressVPN refers to these as "virtual" server locations." ExpressVPN was telling customers they could use servers in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia and more, when RestorePrivacy found that customers were actually being routed through one server located in Singapore. Which show VPN is lying to you.

However, there are tools you can use to find the true VPN server location, they will allow you to know fake VPN servers. (See here)

Are you using a VPN? what is your experience with them. Use the comment box below.


  1. Since you have listed the VPN that are fake, Can you still list the once that are original and good to use?

    1. Most VPN provider are guilty of using a fake Server locations in it service, however, we can not pinpoint the one you can use. In order to get the best VPN 2017 to use, you will have to test them with the tool provided in THIS POST. I hope that helps? Thanks for dropping by, hope to get more of you here on techpill.


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