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Saturday 17 September 2016

Top 10 Secret Features Of IOS 10: Number One is My Favorite

Apple IOS 10 is packed with new features, but some of the best one are hidden under the operating system. Just as iphone 7 durability test, Apple doesn't advertise them but you will definitely come across them if you are smart user. below is the top ten Apple IOS 10 features you should know.

hidden ios 10 features, Top 10 Secret Features Of IOS 10

10. Voice transcription

Of course Google voice is known to have this features but the new Apple IOS 10 now enable you to transcript voice messages, When someone leaves a voice message, In an attempt, the IOS will transcript it in few minute. When done, just tap the voicemail to expand it and you will find your transcription.
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9. Siri Can Announce Who’s Calling on Headphones or Connected Bluetooth

When you are listening to music or busy with your hands, and a call came in, siri can tell you the name of the person or number calling you. With this you don't need to look at your phone before you know who's calling especially when you driving or taking a walk around. head to (Settings > Phone > Announce Calls) to get it activated.

8. Camera Can Be Use as Magnifying Glass

Yes your iPhone and iPad camera can be use as a magnifying glass, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier to set the toggle on. And do note that you can adjust it the way you want.

7. Swipe Between Old and New in the Stopwatch Face

You can now swipe between old and new stop watch style if you are tire of the old style you are probably use to for some years now. Open the clock-watch in the clock app and swipe to the left to get the new style.

6.  Close All Safari Browser Taps At once With a Long Press

Just as Android, with a click, you can close all open tab on your iPhone and iPad device with long press. Apple has officially added this features, but to do this you need to open a new tab or be in an existing one, tap and hold the down button to pull up a menu that will allow you to close all tabs you opened.
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5. Clear All Notifications At Once with 3D Touch

You can clear all notifications with Apple 3D touch. If you are the type that get notifications alot, this is for you and if you are on iPhone 6s or newer all you need to do is Hard press the "X" icon and select "clear all notifications".

4. Prioritize Downloads with 3D Touch

Updating all your apps at once, and you suddenly noticed you need the one of them who's on queue the  most, no need for panic, and you don't need to wait or cancel. You can now push that particular one to the top by making it your priority app for you to download. All you need need do is to hard press the icon, then select prioritize download to push it to the top.

3. Side-by-Side Tabs in Safari

Safari now allows you to open side by side tabs on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and the iPad Mini 4 only. With this features you can have two websites open at once in split view mode.You can activate this features by using one of this methods:
  • Open up Safari, then press and hold the tab button in the top right corner. When the pop-up appears, select Open Split View. 
  • Drag a tab to the left or right of the screen.
  • Tap and hold on a link, then select Open In Split view.

2.  You Can Send Low Quality Images in Messages

If you are careful of your data consumption or probably you don;t want to waste space on the recipient phone, you can now set your messages to send low quality images to your friend by default on your iPad or iPhone message app.

1. Apple Maps Automatically Remembers Where You Parked

This is cool isn't it? with Apple map you can know where you last park your car. When you walk away from your car, you will receive a notification from Apple saying your car's location has been marked. For this to work make sure your car is connected via Bluetooth or to apple CarPlay and hooked up to active GPS signal, so if you are in parking garage do note that this will note work where there's no signal. you can off and on it under Settings > Maps

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