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Friday 16 September 2016

Iphone 7 Durability Test: Watch How Iphone 7 Handles Intensive Scratch, Bend And Burn Test

Concern about the iPhone 7 durability? here is an extreme durability test for you to note, though Apple is known to design a "solid phone" with superb built quality, but there are few reservations about iPhone 7 you need to know.

Iphone 7 Scratch test, Iphone 7 burn test Iphone 7 bend test

A hardware review YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything has just put the new iPhone 7 through an intensive durability test, the test, include iPhone 7 scratch test, iPhone 7 bend test and iPhone 7 burn test. Below in the video you will see how the iPhone 7 perform.

Iphone 7 Scratch Test

When the iPhone 7 was put through a scratch test with a level 10 knife, it was performing well until it get to level 7 when the scratch was visible on the screen but on the back cover, the anodized aluminum casing on the matte black model hold up well against key scratches with almost no trace, but do note that it can't stand the cut of a razor blade, which contradicts Apple own Specifications.

Iphone 7 Bend Test

In the iPhone bend test it does show that the iPhone 7 will not easily bend but just like every other phone, when pressure is applied the waterproofing adhesive between the screen and the frame will begin to tear, which indicates that you should never seat on your iPhone 7.

Iphone 7 Burn Test

Lastly, when iPhone 7 was put through a burn test, the iPhone screen almost lasts 10 seconds on contact with an open flame, which cause the pixels to get warm and turn off before completely recovering withing seconds. In conclusion screen durability is described as "on par with typical smartphone screen hardness".

What's your opinion about this test?

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