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Monday 2 May 2016

Guinness World Record: The Farthest Hoverboard Flight Measures 7,388-feet

Meet the farthest flying hover board, Franky Zapata set the Guinness world record with his flying hover board, Zapata went 7,388-feet absolutely destroying the previous record held by Catalin Alexandru Duru of 905-feet, 2-inches set last year.

Farthest Hoverboard measure 7,388 feet

According To Guinness, This record was made in off the coast of Saussett-les-Pins in France, Zapata fly the hoverboard 50 meter high below the surface of the water. The flying hoverboard use in this setting this record is called the Hoverboard Air, developed by zapata racing.

The developer of Hoverboard Air said it can attain 10,000 feet and has a maximum speed of 93 miles per hour. The Hoverboard Air is said to use "Independent Propulsion Unit" to fly which need no hose.

Zapata racing also claim the hoverboard can stay aloft for 10 minute at a time, can you believe that? whether this hoverboard uses some kind of internal combustion engine or it's an electric aircraft it's a question in many people mind who saw this record live.

Though Guinness has not offer the official video of this record yet but there is a test on YouTube video performed by same folks who set this record you can watch below.

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