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Thursday 24 December 2015

WhatsApp Video Calls: Coming Sooner Than You Thought, All You Need To Know

WhatsApp indeed is one of the most popular chat app ever, Right? with more than 1 Billion users and still counting. Most folks like it because of its flexibility and easy to use features, for some months now they introduce voice call and i'm sure most of you have been enjoying this feature, isn't? anyways a leak video call was taken from Macerkopf.de (via IBT), who releases some screenshots of video call feature coming to the world #1 most prefer chat app.

With all indication this shows that whatApp Video calling feature is coming sooner than we thought, With the like of LINE, SKYPE, TANGO, etc. who offer both the voice calls and video calls, WhatApp might beat 'em all with Quality, clarity and flexibility.

Here are some of the screenshot taken with whatsApp video calling on IOS and i'm sure its coming to Android soon.

Whatsapp video chat feature through macerkopf.de
What App are you currently using for video call? Do you think WhatApp can beat them? please use the comment box below.

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