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Thursday 24 December 2015

Google Password: Google Wants To Replace Your Password With Your Phone

Its seem google really listen to peoples heart, this password hassle has been a pain in the neck especially when you manage different account. Now google is now in testing mode of using your phone as your password; what this means is that instead of login in all the time with your password you get to use your phone instead, with this new technology a prompt will ask you if you want to use this phone as password or other phone, when activated on your phone you get to enter only your email any time you want to access it.

Though this testing mode is base on invite group only, so if you are lucky to get an invite then you enjoy the benefits of testing it. but why join group when you can wait for it to be available to all it users.

google phone sign insign in without password on google

However, you will need to set up security lock screen just in case of theft or your phone got missing or you change your phone, so that you get to use your new phone with it and Google will disable the old phone.

And let me remind you that this is not new to Yahoo users because Yahoo has already introduced similar feature which is called "Yahoo Account Key" which really work flawlessly with new Yahoo Mail App which work the same way.

If people get use to this i will not be surprised if popular websites and apps like Facebook, and others adopting this same feature.

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