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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Apple Removes 344 Malware Infected App From App Store

Apple has been doing a great job by removing malware from iphones and ipad. though it is only jailbroken devices has been the top priority for malware's developers.

Apple had has to remove more than 344 malware infected apps from apple play store. The apps in question were carrying Xcode Ghost, a bit of malware that was injected by a set of bogus developer tools. Report shows that this was done by Group of hackers from China to push malicious apps to Apple AppStore.

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Some of of the infected apps are extremely popular the like of WeChat. Didi Kuaidi, China’s answer to Uber, was as well. However no major attack has been detected. it’s believed that only five infected apps had ever made it into the App Store. But for someone to sneak in more than 300 shows that means Apple has to do more of the clean up and security.

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