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Friday 16 June 2017

Top 5 Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the world's most popular messaging app as we all know. The company has made it a standalone product, one that doesn’t even require a Facebook account. You can send messages to people in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add a new contact.

You probably think Facebook messenger is about sending messages to family and friends right? No, you can do all sorts of things with it as well, things you didn't realize you could do. And we have selected top five things you can do with Facebook Messenger.

5 Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger

Top 5 Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger

1. Send Someone Money On Facebook messenger

Yes, this is one of the cool things you can do with the world's most popular messaging app. Facebook Messenger allows users to send and receive money from other users, making it a very convenient way to send a friend money you own them or to receive money they owe you. in order for this to work, you must have the latest version of the messenger app.

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How To Send Or Receive Money On Facebook Messenger

Alot of users still find it difficult as to how to send money on Facebook messenger, well, the solution is right here. All you need is to follow the simple procedure below, and sending money via Facebook messenger will be a breeze for you.

  • To Send Money On Facebook Messenger: In order to send money on Facebook messenger, first step is for you to add your debit card to your account, For the sake of simplicity you can head to official messenger site for full details. After you have successfully added the debit card to your account, Open a message with a chat with the person you want to send money to, following that, tap the small icon that looks like a dollar sign ($). Type in the amount of money you want to send your friend, then tap ‘Pay.

  • To Receive Money On Facebook Messenger: Once you receive money from a friend or family over messenger, in order to receive the money, Facebook messenger app will will prompt you to add your own bank card to your account. When you do that, the money will be transfer to your account, though it might take a day or two for the money to reflect in your account.

2. Browse Menu And Order Food On Facebook Messenger

Despite the Facebook messenger app is known for sending messages, it can also be use to order food, be it dinner, lunch, breakfast at any time you want. Though this might sound odd, but messenger can be use to chat with restaurant bots to order food from the company’s menu.

Order Food On Facebook Messenger

Just as you would chat with your friends on messenger, you can initiate a chat with these chat bots to order food. In order to do this, you’ll need to use words and commands the chat bot understands. Unfortunately, finding these bots is still difficult in Messenger, but websites like BotList can make it easy for you to search by name and category. With that, you can use Facebook messenger to order food you want from a restaurant and bar.

3. Have A Secret And Encrypted Conversation On Facebook Messenger

Facebook announced the launch of End-to-End Encryption some months ago, if you miss the news, that means you don't even know if this feature exist. Both WhatsApp and messenger are now encrypted.

Facebook messenger secret conversation

You can now have a secret conversation with any person you want, Although Facebook call this features Open "Secret conversation". To start secret conversation with someone, go to chat with them, then tap the small ‘i’ information icon. From there, scroll down through the various options and select ‘Go to Secret Conversation.’ This will start an encrypted chat with that friend you want to use this Facebook secret conversation with.

4. Order Uber Rides On Facebook Messenger

If you message someone in a conversation, that you are about to leave, you can then order your Uber rides directly withing Facebook messenger app. In order to do this, When you are within a conversation, tap the small “+” icon on the bottom of the screen.

order uber rides on Facebook messenger

A top menu will open, tab "Rides" circle. Then you will be given two options, If it Uber you want, select Uber, then login to your account, if you don't have any, then create one immediately, then you can order your car as usual without leaving the app.

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5. Play High-end Mobile Games On Facebook Messenger

You didn't have that coming right? you can play Facebook messenger games on the app. Facebook recently launched what they called "Instant Games", as the name implies, they are games you can play on Facebook messenger instantly. Just as standalone game apps, these messenger games will give you rich game play.

facebook messenger games

To access Facebook messenger games, Open messenger app on your smartphone or tablet, then tap a small game app icon on the home screen. A new page will open with small bubble icons related to each game. Tap the icon for the game you want to play and it will open instantly, no downloads or installation necessary. With this, you can play messenger games you want.

Those are the top five things you can do with Facebook messenger, If you have any comment or opinion, kindly use the comment box below. Don't forget to share with your friends by using the share button above or below post.

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