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Friday 2 June 2017

Top 3 Best Apps To Boost Internet Speed In Your Android Phone 2017

With the rate at which internet users are increasing day by day, forces some Internet Service Provider(ISP) to divide internet bandwidths, which may result in a snail-like internet speed, especially in some Africa countries and the rest of the world.

In order to get the speed you desire, at least close to it, you will need to make use of some apps that will enable you to boost the internet speed on your android phone. Do note that, this tips to increase your internet speed is strictly for android user only irrespective of the brand you are currently using right now.

Best Apps to Increase Internet Speed in Android 2017

Do you know there are some bandwidths which are always in reserve on android? i guess you didn't know that. But do you also know you can make use of this bandwidths to increase your internet speed? well, this bandwidth is for system use, which is allocated to a system by default. And this reserved bandwidth can be freed up using the following apps which we will be discussing below.

Best Apps to Increase Internet Speed in Android

What this apps does is to help you minimize internet usage in turn boost your internet speed. Read on, the process will be discussed in this post.

#1 Faster Internet 2X

This android app will help you to increase your internet speed up to 2x it;s normal speed, so if you are still stuck with 2G, 3G speeds, this app will make you race ahead and get a faster internet speed you truly deserve. Download Faster Internet app HERE. Below are Faster Internet 2X App features
  • This app uses special scripts to boost your internet speed. It also improves signal reception
  • Works with both rooted as well as non-rooted phones. However, works best with rooted phones.

#2 Internet Booster & Optimizer App

We all know that internet speed is been controlled and managed by our Internet Service Provider ( ISP), no dought about that, but there are many other factor that will make you not to get the full speed the ISP provided. That's why Internet Booster And Optimizer App comes in, it get ride of those factors and ensure you get that speed. Download Internet Booster & Optimizer app from PlayStore. Below is the Internet Booster And Optimizer app can do:
  • Automatize a series of commands and optimizations that will put your browser on the top of priority on your Android System.
  • Pausing secondary processes, cleaning RAM memory, cleaning cache memory and flushing DNS are some of its features.
  • Improves ping and boosts overall speed resulting in a snappier internet browsing.

#3 Free Internet Speed Booster

As the name implies, Free internet booster app will boost your internet speed for free. If you are experincing a snail-like internet speed, this app is for you. The app increases your Internet speed by 40-80% based on the device. Free internet speed booster app Cleans the DNS cache and improves the latency (this will increase the ping speed and best if you play multiplayer games). Download Free Internet Speed Booster App from Playstore. Below is the Free internet speed booster app features
  • Cleans the DNS cache and improves the latency (this will increase the ping speed and best if you play multiplayer games).
  • Stops unwanted background tasks and increase the available bandwidth.
  • Adjusts average parallel connections to optimize the speed.

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So those are the Best Apps to Increase Internet Speed in Android above, despite the fact that Your ISP manage your internet speed, you can use this apps to minimize and stop the extra usage of bandwidth from the other apps that slow down your internet. If you have any suggestion please do leave a comment below.

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