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Saturday 1 July 2017

Facebook's "Find Wi-Fi" Features Is Now Available Worldwide

Sometime last year, Facebook launched 'Find Wi-Fi tool, that enables its users to locate any nearby Wi-Fi, but this feature was only available in IOS and only in some selected locations, as something of a test. Today, Facebook announces users all over the world both on Android and IOS will soon have access to the Facebook "Find Wi-Fi features.

The company explains that the tool will be of immense value for those times when you are travelling, but especially those times when you are in an area where you do not have cellular data or you have limited data plan, its says.

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Unlike the Facebook cheap ExpressWifi that was launched in Africa, Lagos to be precise, In mid last year. This new Facebook 'Find Wi-Fi" tool will only lists Wi-Fi networks that businesses have chosen to share their information on Facebook, so you’re probably not going to find every possible connection through the tool if the company or individual who owns the network didn't share them on Facebook.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi Tool

How To Use/Locate Facebook's 'Find Wi-Fi' Features

Now Facebook is rolling out the feature to everyone on its mobile apps. in order to locate Facebook find Wi-Fi tool, Just tap on the ‘More’ tab, and then select ‘Find Wi-Fi’. You’ll see nearby Wi-Fi locations on a list or map, as well as information about the businesses hosting them.

In developing countries for example, especially for those in "recession", Lol! this new Facebook  Find Wi-Fi tool comes in handy if you’re on a limited data plan and wan’t to use Wi-Fi as much as possible to avoid being capped or paying extra fees.

That said, also note that there's a rub, when using this service, Facebook will turn on its Location History tracker if you enable Find Wi-Fi, which keeps tabs on all the places you’ve visited; if you are ok with that, then you can enjoy the new Facebook 'Find Wi-Fi' tool which enables you to find free and public Wi-Fi where ever you are.

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