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Saturday 13 May 2017

Meet Oukitel U22 - The World's First Smartphone With Four Cameras, See Specs And Price

When it come to photography, we all want to take that perfect pictures with our smartphone camera, Because not so many people can afford the latest DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera). With this, a Chinese company has come out to be the DSLR of mobile camera by producing a smartphone with four cameras.

Meet the World's First Smartphone With Four Cameras

The Oukitel brand has surprised us all by launching the new smartphone U22, with the dual lens, at both front and back. You may not have heard that Brand name before, but they have been there for couple of years now, and their products is one of the best in China, The brand is known for making an affordable smartphone, a phone that are resistance, and not too great design. The company launch a U20 last year but this year they have come with a monster phone with four cameras.
Meet Oukitel U22 - the world's first smartphone with four camera. The U22 will have two front cameras and two rear cameras. In addition, they will be equipped with LED flashes. This move indeed will move the company to the fore-front.

Oukitel U22 specifications and price

Oukitel U22 Features

When it comes to Oukitel U22 specs, the main camera will be located at the rear and will have a 13 + 8 Megapixels sensor. While the front will have two 5 + 8 Megapixels sensors. And in addition to that, there will be secondary sensor of 2 MP on both. With that, you are sure of a great selfies that will wow you.

The main sensor captures the general information and the secondary sensor depth, hence making the operation of the four cameras took the look of a dual cameras used in 3D. The smartphone will come with a fingerprint sensor and the screen will have a curvature of 2.5D and will be made with soft glass.
"The world is very beautiful. Why not take a photo?" This is the slogan chosen by Outkitel for the U22. Having said that, Though the official U22 launch date is still unknown but the U22 will be available in mid-may, The U22 will be available in three colors: white, black and gold.

So, What do you think of this new smartphone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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