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Tuesday 2 May 2017

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

Do you know you can convert your old phone or any android phone that you are not using into a CCTV camera? yes, you can. With this tutorial you will learn how you can convert your android device into a security camera to monitor any place in your home, office or any other place you want to keep tab on.

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

You might not have so much money to afford a CCTV security camera for your Office, home or your shops, but with this post you will be able to have an excellent alternate surveillance camera in those special places you want, so as to monitor the place.

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How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

Steps To Turn an Old Android device into a Security Camera

setting up your old android device into a CCTV security camera is quite easy and very straightforward, all you need is to follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1. First of all, head to Google Playstore, download and install the IP Webcam app. - This app will help you to stream the camera video from the Android device to the network from where the registered users can easily watch the streamed live view from the camera. Note that, there are free version with basic features and paid version with more features.

ip webcam settings, How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

Step 2. After installing the IP Webcam app on your android device, launch the app and go to settings to set up the app video preferences effects, and other cool aspects your would want in the video. Using this app you will have to register and login to Ivideon - which will help you in broadcasting the view of the camera.
Step 3. After done with all the settings, you are now ready to your start your video stream of your Android device. tap the Start Server button placed at the end of the app itself on the device. This will begin the device to capture live video around and then stream it back to the server. In other to view it anywhere, just enter the Ip address you will get on your Android and then paste it in the address bar of the web browser on any other device. Just go to that address, and you could see the live video stream from the camera of Android while online.

That is it, you now have a home made CCTV surveillance camera using your old phone Android smartphone. The only thing that makes it not so great, is that you will have to charge up those Android phone you are using as a CCTV camera every time in order to keep the battery active.

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