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Saturday 29 April 2017

How To Improve Video Game Graphics On Your Smartphone

Do you want breathe taking video game graphic? In this tutorial we shall show the simple steps to improve your video game graphics irrespective of the smartphone you are using. We all want a high quality Graphics games on our smartphone, however, the graphic on some video game may turn out to be what we don't want. But this tutorial we improve any game graphics for you.

When playing a game on your smartphone, and the phone does not overheat or misbehave, it simply means that your phone still have some power in reserve.You can turn that power reserve to improve the image quality of your smartphone. Do note that you can stop overheating issues on your smartphone on our previous post. However, below are the straight forward steps to improve your video game graphics.

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How To Improve Video Game Graphics On Your Smartphone

How To Improve Video Game Graphics On Your Smartphone

Step 1. Enable Developer Mode - Simply go to your android settings, tab on more, then tap on the build number 7 times. This will activate developer option.

Step 2. Go back to Settings, the developer option you enable in step one will appear, click on it and Go to the bottom of the page and tap on Advanced. Scroll to Force 4x MSAA and tick the box. Now, when you play any game, the characters should be smoother around the edges. If the game begins to crash frequently or stutter or becomes slower, go back and unselect the Force 4x MSAA option.

The above tutorial will improve your video game graphics. So if your game has been jagged around the edge and making your game look awful those steps mentions will get rid of that. Having said that, do note that when you improve your game graphics, it will drain your battery faster. The power consumption is always a trade-off for performance. Happy gaming.

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