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Thursday 16 March 2017

There's A Security Flaw In WhatsApp And Telegram, Check Point Reveals

CyberSecurity company, Check Point, has reveals that there is a security flaws that allow hackers to take over hundreds of millions of Telegram and WhatsApp accounts.

We all know that WhatsApp and Telegram makes use of end-to-end encryption, which guaranteed their users full privacy during chat, as its ensured no one else can read through the chat between two users. However, that same protection has help in spreading infection on WhatsApp web and Telegram web. How is this possible? well, read on.

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Hack WhatsApp,Telegram Accounts

What the hacker does is to send intended victim an innocent-looking file for example an image file. and once the user click on the image, the hacker gain access to their local storage therefore gaining access to the victim's account. And right from that point, the hacker could then send the malicious image to the victim contacts.

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Do note that Check Point reveals this malicious security flaw to Telegram and WhatsApp on March 7. Since then, both companies has fixed the issues. So now all content is validated by WhatsApp and Telegram before it is encrypted. Happy chatting!!

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