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Saturday 25 March 2017

Quick Tips To Make Your Iphone Charge Faster: 1 Hr Full Charge

Many Android phones now come with Quick charge technology built-in, which give it an edge over iPhone in terms of battery, Hopefully the next iPhone would come with fast charging. But before then, here is 3 quick tips that will make your iPhone battery charge faster: 1 Hour full charge, Yes!

Unlike android devices, that give room to background app running and in turn drain your battery; IOS smartphones isn't like that, yes it run background apps inform of "resume", what this means is that, when you open an app let say Messenger,and several other apps and you quit it, when there's need to  go back to them, the app will resume where you left it initially, the exact page. Without much power consumption.

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 Tips To Make Your Iphone Charge Faster: 1 Hrs Full Charge

Quick Tips To Make Your Iphone Charge Faster: 1 Hr Full Charge

Without wasting your time, here are 3 tips to make your iPhone charge faster

1. Activate the Low Power Mode when charging your iPhone:  

Charging when the power mode is On, not only does it prolong battery life it also increases the charging speed. Its reduces the device performance in return make your iPhone charge faster.

2. Turn On Airplane Mode: 

When your Airplane mode is turned On, you will not get any form of notifications, all wireless connections on your device become inactive but i guess that is the little price you have to pay just to make your phone charge faster.

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3. Charge Your Phone With An Ipad charger: 

Iphone charger only carries 5W and 1A of power while the iPad charger supplies 12W and 2.1A of power, if you use the iPad charger it will increase the speed and make your iPhone charge faster.

That is it guys, Do give us feedback on how it work well for you. And don't forget to share with your friends by using the sharing button above and below.

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