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Sunday 12 March 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Annouces He Is Having Another Zuckerbaby

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced yesterday that he and his wife Chan Priscilla are expecting another baby, just like their pack of joy, Max. It's definitely a girl. however, when 1.86 billion active users isn't enough, perhaps, it is better to grow your audience in an old fashion way. Lol!

"After our difficult experience having Max, we weren't sure what to expect or whether we'd be able to have another child," wrote the expectant father. "When Priscilla and I first found out she was pregnant again, our first hope was that the child would be healthy. My next hope was that it would be a girl."

mark zuckerberg second baby

Mark Zuckerberg been the sixth richest man in the world has this to say:
"We are all better people because of the the strong women in our lives — sisters, mothers and friends," he added. "We can't wait to welcome our new little one and do our best to raise another strong woman."
Having said that, Mark Zuckerberg did not give the due date, however, rumor has it that the next heir apparent to the Zuckerberg fortune is likely to be born within september to december 2017. So keep your eyes around that date. 

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