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Friday 17 March 2017

How To Launch Your Favorite Apps From Android Lockscreen

Most time we just want to get access to our favorite app right from the lock screen, and we sometime have hard time navigating through them, especially when you have lots of apps installed. Not too worry, this tutorial we show you how you can easily launch your favorite apps right from your screen.

The old method of launching your apps has been through creating shortcuts to your favorite apps but this new method takes it further than that, with it, you will see how to unlock your favorite apps right from your lockscreen without the needs of unlocking your device.

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how to Launch android apps from lockscreen

This app can also help you to ease up your Multitasking feature, in terms of moving from one apps to another. With this, we shall be introducing an App called "Launchify". Launchify is a simple-to-use app that add shortcuts to your app from the lockscreen as well as the notification panel. Its give you quick access to your most use app on both lockscreen and notification panel.

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How To Use Launchify To Access Your favorite apps Directly from The Lockscreen

  • Go to Google playstore and download launchify app, its free! launch after the download
  • Next the app will prompt for app permission to have access to your app, tap OK to accept.
  • Then navigate to the app settings, indicate by the gear from the top right. It's mandatory you enable the first three options in the app settings menu; which are "Background tracking", "notification", and "notification icon on Top".
  • Reboot your device, Walla! you can now see your favorite most use app right from the lockscreen.

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