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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Apple Owes Taxes In New Zealand Since 2007 - NZ Herald

[left_sidebar]Despite selling over $4.2 billion worth of smartphones and other devices in the country, Apple still owes taxes. The company has been accused of refusing to pay taxes in New Zealand for a decades till date, That's a whooping 10yrs. Can you beat that?

A report from the New Zealand Herald Pointed out that Apple owes taxes in New Zealand since 2007. Though this is not the first time Apple has been accused of taxe-related issues, just last year, similar case was reported in which the European commission ruled that Apple benefited from an unusual tax system in Ireland. Which mean Apple had to pay up to $14.42 billion.

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Apple Owes Taxes In New Zealand Since 2007

However New Zealand Herald also claim that Apple paid $37 million in taxes to the Australian Tax Office in which the arrangement has been in place since 2007. James Shaw, New Zealand politician, has this to say:
“It is absolutely extraordinary that they are able to get away with paying zero tax in this country. I really like Apple products. They’re incredibly innovative. But it looks like their tax department is even more creative than their product designers”.

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