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Sunday 5 February 2017

IOS 10 Battery Draining: 4 Working Steps To Improve Battery Life On Apple IOS 10

The new Apple IOS 10 comes with lot of amazing features that will further ignite and makes you a hardcore Apple fans. But despite this amazing features, some folks still complain about the iphone IOS 10 battery drainage. So if you update your iPhone to IOS 10 and you noticed a significant battery drainage on your iPhone, there is a IOS 10 battery fix for you.

IOS 10 Battery Draining: 4 Working Steps To Improve Battery Life On Apple IOS 10

Without wasting time on long post, i will just go straight to the point on how to improve battery life on Apple IOS 10. before we head to the nail on the head steps to fix IOS battery drain, do note that some of the App you install is also vital to battery usage, which will be highlighted in this post.

How To Improve Battery life On Apple IOS 10

Battery draining Apps

Yes, we all love to install useful apps, be it miscellaneous app, social apps, etc. which have the cool features we want as individual but some of those apps are battery vanpires, they run on the background, they suck and drain out IOS 10 battery juice. An example of such app as we all know is the Facebook app, Facebook app is very unfriendly to your battery because they always run on the background even while the screen is locked.

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Facebook app is not the only battery vampire apps out there, there are lot of them, in order to fish them out, go to settings, click on battery, you will see a list of major battery-draining app and services. It is wise to remove such app or look for alternative for them that does not drain battery and also, turning location service off is another cool way to improve your iphone battery life.

battery draining app

Adjust Your Phone Screen brightness

Some of us are already use to this powerful tricks, when your screen brightness is reduced, you will definitely have more time with your phone without the fear of battery draining. below is how to adjust screen brightness on IOS 10.
  • Go to your Settings app on the home screen
  • Go to Display & Brightness, then click on Auto brightness
  • Toggle the Auto brightness switch off so as to reduce the brightness

Turn on Night Shift

Night shift is another cool features that was embedded on the new IOS 10, what night shift does, however, is to adjust screen display color at night not only will this features safe you from stressing your eyes at night, it will also extend your battery life. 

night shift feature

below is how to turn on Apple night shift on ios 10:
  1. Click on the Settings app on your iOS 10 device
  2. Click on Display & Brightness under Settings
  3. Click on Night shift
  4. You have two options in your Night shift mode: Sunset to Sunrise or Custom schedule – you can select this option to define the time to turn on and turn off this feature automatically.
You can also use your device on low-power mode to improve your battery life on ios 10 as well.

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Turn Off Raise to Wake feature

This feature is said to be available on iDevices running on M9 processor such as iPhone 6s and iphone 6s Plus. What this does, is to turn on your iphone device when you raise it up, as cool as it is, it can aslo drain your battery. So it is advisable to turn it off. 

raise to wake ios 10 feature

Here is how to turn off raise to wake feature on your IOS 10 iphone:
  • Go to Settings, then click on Display & Brightness
  • Toggle the Raise to Wake switch off to turn off the feature

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