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Monday 28 November 2016

Delete Yourself From All Internet Sites By Pressing This Button

Sometimes Internet can be fun, place to be but at the same time it can also be a horrible place and you just feel like leaving sometimes. So if you're getting tired of social media and Internet stress as a whole, there's now an easy way out to delete yourself from the Internet. clean up your existence online

Two Swidish developers, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneb├Ąck has just created a website,, offering a way to wipe your entire existence off the Internet in a few clicks. Below is how work:

When logging into the website with a Google account it scans for apps and services you've created an account for, and creates a list of them with easy delete links. Every account it finds gets paired with an easy delete link pointing to the unsubscribe page for that service. In a few clicks you're freed from it, and depending on how long you need to work through the entire list, you can be account-less within the hour delete all accounts

Having said that, when it's comes to giving access to my personal information to a strange website, I feel a little uncomfortable - even if the main purpose is for deleting them. Anyways, I will leave you with this question, "can this work on Government databases too"?

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