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Friday 28 October 2016

Microsoft Wants To Pay You Not To Use Apple's New MacBook

After much anticipation, the two tech giant, Microsoft and Apple,  has just announced the Microsoft surface book i7 and Apple MacBook Pro respectively. The Apple's MacBook comes in three variants while the Microsoft's surface book i7 come with just a variant.

Microsoft Surface book i7

Well, this is not the reason for this thread, if you want more information on the new Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft surface i7 Google is your friend on that.

Having said that, after the announcement of both companies, Microsoft launch a means for you not to buy the new Apple's  MacBook Pro by further introducing a "Trade in And Trade up" laptop program -- The campaign is another Microsoft buyback war against Apple. It's a buyback service by Microsoft for businesses and consumers that includes lot of various Apple gadgets. Let say for instance, you own an apple iPad of any size and shape, it's worth up to $455 for you to get a new windows tablet. Not just that, you can also trade up your iPhone 7 plus  for just $580 in Microsoft credit.

Microsoft trade in trade up campaign
Image credit: Microsoft

You think it's a fair trade? Well, why did Microsoft announced this program just few hours before Apple revealed it's new MacBook? If you ask me, then I will say it's a "bad belle" move from Microsoft to announce this new MacBook trade-in program in such a time as that.

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