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Thursday 6 October 2016

Glo 4G LTE data plan: All You Need To Know And How To Subscribe

Following Ntel and MTN 4G LTE, Glo has finally launched the 4G LTE data plans. Though GLO are claiming to be the first telecommunication company to launch this feature in Nigeria. Well, that's Glo for you. Before you rush to activate the new glo 4G LTE data plans, there are few things you need to put into consideration.

Glo 4G LTE data plans, how to subscribe glo 4G data plan

Despite Glo claims the service is available nationwide, do note that statement is 70% untrue. We all know snail is faster than GLO data in some locations. Having said that, to know if your phone is compatible with the new Glo 4G LTE, simply dial "4G" to "400" you will receive a text message stating if your smartphone is compatible or not.

How To Subscribe Glo 4G LTE Data plans

  1. You need a compatible 4G SIM card from Glo or you can also convert your current glo sim card if you want to. Just head to any Glo shop.
  2. You need a 4G LTE compatible smartphone that is compatible with the new Glo 4G LTE service.
  3. To Subscribe to glo 4G LTE data, dial *777# and follow the prompts.

With some research, Glo 4G LTE is now available right away in 6 nigeria cities: Warri, Benin, Eket, Jos, Zaria and Yola. Though some location in Lagos has been spotted with Glo 4G LTE service as well.

So if you are in one of this cities you can swap your old glo sim for a 4G SIM in order for you to enjoy this features. Don't forget, you will also need 4G LTE compatible smartphone. Are you currently using the glo 4G LTE? don't hesitate to let us know your experience.

Is the Glo 4G LTE available in your area? What location? Use the comment box below.

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