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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Mphone: Why Your Phone Is Heating Up And How To Stop Overheating Issues

This has become a major issue you will encounter when using your smartphones, not all phone comes with this issues but i can literally say 98% of this device comes with this heating issues.

Mphone: Why Your Phone Is Heating Up And How To Stop Overheating Issues

Why Phone Heat Up

Before you can really know why a particular phone heat up, you need to put somethings into consideration which are the major factor why your phone heat up, they include; how the device is been used e.g Multitasking, the RAM, what Apps is installed mphone which are explained in details below

Why phone heat up: Overheating phone, Multitasking.

Yes, most people do ask why my phone heat up?, why is my phone battery dying so fast?, why does my phone overheat?, phone multitasking is good but when misused can cause your mphone to slow down and not just that it will also make your phone overheat e.g opening different browser with more than 30 multiple tabs and at same time listening to music etc.

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Why Mphone Heat up: Phone RAM is low

The Ram of your phone is dependents on your phone manufacturer, a 1GB ram can not perform the same with 2GB RAM likewise 4G, if your phone comes with 1GB and you download lot of unnecessary stuff then there is a chance  you will have overheating issues the reason been that your phone can not take all that load you are forcing upon it.

Why my phone heat up: Mphone Apps installed e.g Gaming

We all want a cool apps that will make our phone smarter but installing lot of them on your phone with low RAM will not only make the phone heat up but also freeze up. there are superb amazing cool games you can download and enjoy these days but high resolution of them can cause harm to your device cause most such game do use up RAM which will in turn draw up power from battery causing it to heat up.

How To Solve mphone Overheating Issues: how to cool your phone down.

In other to solve mobile heating problem you must avoid some certain things and also follow this steps to cool down your phone:

But before that, let talk about most android smartphones that has the most heating issues, some of them with help of mphone precaution you can minimize heating issues on them. The like of HTC overheating, xperia z overheating, Samsung overheating, and several other smartphones.

Having said that, basically, here is how to stop phone overheating issues on your smartphones:
  • Do not open too many apps or tabs at the same time, ensure you close the apps and tabs to avoid background battery drainage, this will help to cool phone apps
  • Use clean master app to hibernate any app running on the background and also to clean up any residue files eating up space on your device, this really work in freeing up your RAM.
  • Avoid high definition games, yes gaming is fun but such phone really uses your ram alot causing your phone to heat up.
  • Phone case- yes sometimes will use inappropriate phone case which block air from entering the device, in such case, you have to use a matching case specially for that particular mphone to avoid over heating issues and also to cool down your phone.
Conclusion: eradicating phone overheating issues is dependence on the materials the manufacturer used in making the phone, a phone made with plastics and metals has different heating rate but metals phone tend to heat up more than the phone with a plastic body. 

This is a guest post by Mike: mike is a writer, thinker and a grind. He is a freelance writer who think writing is an art.

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