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Monday 22 August 2016

Microsoft Is Paying People To Use Its Windows 10 Edge Browser

Microsoft is now paying its Edge browser users, Edge browser has been around though but only a few people use it, Microsoft want to change that now by offering a bribe inform of a reward to force users to switch from chrome to Microsoft edge browser. Microsoft claim the new Edge browser updates is faster, battery efficient and also allows you to draw with stylus on websites.

Microsoft edge browser rewards edge browser point rewards

This week, Microsoft announced that it is rebranding the former bing reward to Microsoft reward, the rebrand will allow you to get point which will be converted to money just by using the edge browser, shopping at Microsoft  store or using bing. 

Though this is only available to US-only, once users signed up to Microsoft rewards you get point for just using the browser to surf the web though Microsoft actively monitors whether you are using the edge browser for up to 30 hours a month. Its track your mouse and other signs to ensure you are not playing tricks just to get edge browser rewards, and you must also set bing as your default search engine.

Once you have accumulated Microsoft edge browser rewards you can now trade your point for vouchers or credit on Starbucks, Amazon, Skype and Ad-free

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