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Tuesday 30 August 2016

Facebook Partner With CoolLink To Launch Cheap WiFi In Lagos

Facebook set to launch cheap Expresswifi in lagos. ExpressWifi is a new program that allow all internet users to purchase a data from a local service providers at a very cheap rate. Though this is not the first time Facebook will be doing this, it has already be launched in India.

In other to make this work in Nigeria Facebook partnering with an Isp and integrator company based in Abuja, Lagos, kano and Port Harcourt to achieve this. Having said that, the service is set to launch officially in Lagos in few days, however, it has started operation in some part of Lagos such as the Ikota shopping complex at lekki.

Facebook's internet service will come with no advertisement. ExpressWifi cheap internet service, what i mean by cheap is that it will be affordable e.g N1,600 for 5GB, cheap right? below is ExpressWifi Data plans:

Data bundleCostValidity
750MBN2707 days
2GBN7007 days
3GBN100030 days
5GBN160030 days

If you not sure if the service will be good enough, kindly sign up to ExpressWifi data plan free trial, which will get you 100MB per day for 14 days.

*update: Techpill was notified by Coollink that the expressWifi will come with NO advertisement! please take note!


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Your statement "Facebook's internet service will come with advertisement" is totally false. Please send a mail to rsadare@coollink.ng if you want accurate information about this Coollink's partnership with Facebook. Thank you.


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