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Tuesday 12 July 2016

How To Find Out Everything Google Knows About You In Activity Dashboard

Millions of people use google for almost everything online, Google has become a household name. 99.7% of the world population can not do without using google services in a day.

Google my activities, how to know my activities online

Whether you use Google for online search, Gmail, Drive, Google Play store, Google photo, etc the most important issue is are your details safe with Google? that is why you need to know all what Google knows about you.

The search engine giant Google release a new dashboard for you to know all  what you do online in simple interface. The dashboard present to you all the key data, which gives you more control and transparency over what google has collected from you so far. In the dashboard you can find your web and search history, location timeline, Google services (Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc.), and a lot of other details.

How To Know And Delete My Activities From Google

Having said that, to get started head to Google activity Dashboard, if you have already signed in to chrome or on your android phone, you will need to re-enter your password and set up two-steps authentication procedures. You can also use the same procedure on your desktop which gives you more access to quickly sort through the items.

My google activities

By Default, you will see all your daily activities bundle together, you can expand the list and see individual items details by service you use. Though you can choose to delete some particular details individually daily, or you can choose the atomic bomb option by completely wiping all the details you do not want google to have. 

Delete google activities

This will help you to visualize and make you realize how dependent you are on google services. Can you do without using Google services? use the comment box below.

Source: PCworld

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