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Saturday 18 June 2016

Microsoft Wants To Get Into Weed Business

Hold your breathe, It is legal!

Microsoft has announced that they want to move into legal weed business, they will be partnering with KIND financial- A Los Angeles software based marijuana start Up company that allow folks who sell weed legally to run their business making sure all rules that governs the business is thoroughly followed religiously.

microsoft Azure weed business

Microsoft job in the weed business is to provide the tool AZURE- A software that will be use to track all this business from "seed to sale tracking" to ensure the companies are following the rules.

Having said that, do note that Marijuana is legal in some state in the US for medical and recreational purposes. Microsoft will be the first major tech company that has tapped into this lucrative business. Here is what KIND has to say:
“The goal of this relationship is to leverage each company’s resources to provide State, County, and Municipalities with purpose built solutions for track and trace (‘seed to sale’ in the cannabis industry) Technology.” Kind said in the statement.
marijuana business by microsoft

Though many tech companies (e.g Yahoo) has tried to be in the business, many have shied away from the Marijuana business because of crisis here and there. So this seems to be a big deal for Microsoft knowing fully well the road of the marijuana business is so narrow.

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