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Saturday 4 June 2016

Facebook Is Forcing Android Users To Download Messenger App For Conversations

It has been two years now since Facebook has decided to remove the chat feature from it smartphone app, instead of letting users to download a single app for all of their facebooking tasks, now the company is forcing users to use their stand alone messaging app called "Facebook messenger".

Despite this, user has been able to use the Facebook mobile site page to chat but Facebook has also tips that will be coming to an end soon.

facebook, facebook messenger forced

Lot of Facebook user complained of the app draining battery so fast, therefore making them  to uninstall the app and accessing Facebook mobile site to chat and update status. But Facebook is making it even more harder to for users to chat on mobile site, making  sure the Facebook app will be your only option.

Most android users are already getting notifications saying "Soon you'll only be able to view your messages from Messenger." and some android user has not completely be able to use the chat function to send messages. When they try to open a conversation, they are being directed to the Google PlayStore to download Facebook Messenger.

Currently, IOS user seems to be a bit lucky for now, they were still able to send messages via the Facebook mobile site but its only a matter of time, they too will be given the same treatment.

The only work around right now is for you to download a Third-party app to handle your chat or you browse the desktop version on your phone.

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