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Friday 1 July 2016

Apple Wants To Acquire Jay-Z's Tidal Music Service

Apple is reportedly considering an acquisition of Tidal. A music streaming service owned by rapper, producer and general mogul Jay Z. 

Tidal was launched in 2014, focusing on high quality streaming audio service. And has since then maintain and secured a exclusive streaming rights on high profile albums in order to compete with more larger rivals like Spotify and Apple's own Apple music service.

Tidal musics by Jay Z

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple has been sniffing around with an interest to acquire Tidal to add it to its Portfolio. The terms of the rumor and whether the deal will pull through is yet unknown but the talk i still "ongoing" between the two side. Though Tidal executive denies the rumor when questioned by the Journal.

The major reason why Apple is really interested in Tidal is the fact that most high profiled artist like Kanye West, Madonna etc. and of course Beyonce now choose to use Tidal music service to launched their latest exclusive material rather than rivals such as Apple Music or Spotify.

Having said that, Tidal also offers high audio quality than many alternatives service. With $20/month subscription you will get a high quality audio tracks though you can get a cheaper $10/month subscription plan with a low quality playback.

However, there is an ongoing dispute between Apple and Spotify. Spotify is claiming that Apple recently rejected the company's IOS app update because spotify choose to remove the option for in-app subscription. Insisting that Apple is "causing grave harm" to both its business and customers.

Source WSJ

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