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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Nokia Is Coming Back To Phones And Tablets: Too Late For A Nokia Android Phone

Nokia today has announced that they will be back again on mobile business which will be licensed under a new name HMD Global Oy.

Nokia Android Devices with HMD

According to Nokia Press Release, HMD Global Oy is base in Finland, The new company has agreed to acquire all nokia rights from Microsoft. Though Nokia Technologies will not have direct investments with HMD but nokia will be on a seat of Board of Directors, And Arto Nummela, ex-Nokia executive and current head of Microsoft Mobile Devices will be CEO of the new company.

HMD will be led by Arto Nummela, a Nokia veteran who moved to Microsoft when the latter company took over the former's mobile business,  Arto Nummela - until now is the head of Microsoft's Mobile Devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa. The president/Chairman will also be the Ex Nokia and current Microsoft executive, Nokia will get royalties covering its name and its IP. HMD is Nokia. don't get it twisted.

HMD global also has acquired "certain related design rights" from the Windows maker; it's too soon to say whether that means the distinctive polycarbonate and metal design we'd grown familiar with from Lumia will be returning, but that's likely to be the hope among Nokia fans

Nokia Featurephone will be making a come back with a new range of Android Smartphones and Tablets. 

Nokia second coming with the mind of manufacturing Android devices might be too late and a total failure despite the fact that the company will have to rival other giant company, the like of HTC, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and the Chinese phone makers Xioami and others.

You still a Nokia Fan? Don't you think its too late for a Nokia Android phone? use the comment box below.

Via: Nokia


  1. Hummm I think is not too late.but there is this ur post sometime ago u said Nokia will soon be out of the way.why coming back again.jay.

    1. hi jay, which of the post are you referring to? well nokia coming back is good but on android? they will have to compete with lot other OEM out there. Thanks for dropping your comment.


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