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Friday 8 April 2016

Facebook Unveil Messenger Codes, Messenger Username And Messenger Links: All You Need To Know

Facebook  is working with developers to built chatbots and live chat plugins for business customers, the chatbot will allow businesses to offer automated response systems to respond to enquiries from customers, this tools will be officially announced next week at the social network’s F8 conference.
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According to Facebook, This tool will allow Chatbot for businesses to respond to what Facebook called "structured Messages" instead of businesses to develop their own communication system they can just use Facebook pre-existing tool; which allow customer to communicate with businesses without having to interact with the actual human being. The tool include ability to add “a title, image, a description, a URL and calls to action such as visiting a website, viewing an e-commerce order or making a restaurant reservation.”

In addition to chatbot, Facebook also announced Messenger Codes, Messenger Links, Messenger Username; The company says this tool will allow users to find people or(Businesses) that matters to them and be able to start a conversation with a launch simple set of tools which are built for modern world.

Though the messenger code look like that of SnapChat, each user will have a unique code which other user can scan and start a conversation with, Messenger Links and Messenger username is a new personalize feature in which user can share anywhere online; this Links can be sent directly to your contacts or friends, By tapping the messenger link you can have direct access to the conversation with your friends and colleague.

Facebook also unveil new way to discover live video live; How to know and discover what is trending on Facebook:
Live Video in Trending Topics
It’s now easier to discover Live video in topics that are Trending on Facebook. If relevant Live video is available, it will be included in the Search results pages for these topics so you can get a direct, first-hand look at what’s happening.
Video Search
Our team built a dedicated search experience for the new Live video destination that’s coming to Facebook’s mobile app. Here, you can easily find even more videos across Facebook—just type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the screen to discover all sorts of videos about things that matter to you, from chefs sharing their recipes to scientists explaining their breakthroughs to comedians trying out new jokes.

Facebook F8 conference will start on April 12th in San Francisco.

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