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Monday 25 April 2016

4 Common Problem Of Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge You Need To Know Before You Buy

The new Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge ain't a perfect phone after all, despite the rant and high publicity. lot of Samsung galaxy s7/s7 edge user now complain of issues that comes with the phone.

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Having said that, this issues is a minor one depending on your rating, but doesn't really under estimate the powerful smartphone. The Samsung galaxy s7/ s7 edge is without thought a powerful smartphone but with the following issues:

4 Common Issues/Complain Of Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 edge

1. Camera Fail Error
Some user are complaining of camera fail error notification anytime the camera app is been launched, though this is a rare issue but the solution is for you to force stop the camera then clear the camera cache and re open the camera app.

2. Battery Draining
This issue is a common one though Samsung promised to solve this issue on the new Samsung galaxy s7 but it turn out that this issue still remain the same. Lot of user now complain of this issue, the only effective solution is to close unused app from running in background by using third party apps or restricting background data usage under battery settings on galaxy s7 phone.

3. Wi-Fi Not Working Properly
Many users of Samsung galaxy s7 bitterly complain of slow wi-fi speeds, interference from the Bluetooth radio, Gmail refusing to sync over Wi-Fi and various other wireless connection and performance issues. A software updates should retify this.

4. Buttons Problem
Before you buy the Samsung galaxy s7/ s7 Edge please do make sure you check the buttons properly,  some users now complain of Samsung s7 button not working properly.

Are you currently using the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge? What are the problem you facing Now. Use the comment box below.

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