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Friday 19 February 2016

Google Cardboard Heal A Woman Sight Make Her See For The First Time In 8 Years

Google take the credit has one of their products, Google Cardboard, heals a woman sight, now she could see for the first time in eight years.

google cardboard heal woman eyes in 8 years

Google cardboard has been reported to have help a woman, named Bonny, who suffers from Stargardt disease. It is a common form of vision loss that causes photoreceptor cells in the retina to die and in rare cases can lead to complete vision loss. Bonny used Cardboard in conjunction with a free app called Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid. The app takes a video feed from a phone’s rear facing camera and delivers the same image to each eye. This is known as a stereoscopic image and how Cardboard already works.

This technology is simple, dedicated headsets whose sole purpose is to provide a split screened camera feed., which most of us are familiar with already.

You could imagine the joy and excitement in bonnie Face when she could see for the first time in Eight Years. Thanks to Technology and Google for making this possible and giving bonnie a chance to see her children and husband again.

Here is the video of bonnie who was healed by Google cardboard

What is your word for Google and bonnie? use the comment box.

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