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Sunday 3 January 2016

Meet The 7-Year Old Boy Who Wasted $5900 Playing Games On His Dad’s iPad

Though this is not new, America Hip Hop Rap artist Kanye West daughter did this same last year, which gives you the impression to safe guard your smartphone, tablets, etc from your children.

The 7-year old Faisall Shugaa who secretly memorized the password on his dad’s iPad then made about 65 transactions worth $5900 while playing Jurassic World.

kid which waste 5900 dollar on gameFaisall Shugaa waste dad money

According to Phonearena:
“The youngster was playing Jurassic World on his dad’s iPad, and paid to have the dinosaurs upgraded using the Dino Bucks currency in the game. He says that he was not aware that he was spending real money.”
His dad Mohamed who own and run a carpet store realized this and angrily place a call to Apple Inc. For they didn't verify if those purchases made in a short time was made by him. He therefor ask Apple for a refunds. these are his words:
“I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds on buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game?,” he said. “Why didn’t they email me to check I knew these payments were being made? I got nothing from them. How much longer would it have gone on for?”
Apple later gave him FULL refunds when they realized he needs the money to buy gift for his children.

Is Apple to be blame here or the father who keep a simple password which can be easily memorized? use the comment box below.

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