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Wednesday 13 January 2016

A Turkish Hacker gets 334 years Jail Sentence

A 23 years old turkey man named Onur Kopçak has been sentenced to 134 yrs in prison in colaboration with the 199 years in prison he recieved in 2013.

Hacker Gets Sentenced To 334 years in prison

I know lot of you will wonder what is the offence for such judgement ? well, he was was involved in a phishing scam where he created fake websites that impersonated banks in other to steal people’s banking details.

first sentence came after complaints from 43 bank customers, the Turkish law authorities then charged Kopçak with:

1. Identity fraud
2. Website forgery
3. Access device fraud
4. Wire fraud…

The not so surprising thing is that our 26-year-old hacker is not appealing. According to him:
The aimed gain in giving astronomical lengths of prison terms is a mystery. I have never deserved the sentence but I’m not appealing it since I believe that there would be no resolution based on the current laws.” he said, according to Today’s Zaman.
“You saw me only for one time on the video call system and sentenced me to 135 years in prison. If asked, you would not even remember my skin color.”
Please say NO to hacking! Do you think he deserve this or he should be killed?

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