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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Samsung Patents Smart Ring: Samsung Wants To Turn The Lords Of The Rings

Samsung is delving into the word of rings, this is base on patent that was first spotted by patently mobile, these patent rings is gesture-made which has the ability to control your Devices, be it smartphones, tablets, smart Tv etc.

samsung patents rings

Though Samsung is not the first to delve into this innovation Apple and Microsoft have each submitted patent rings applications. What would make Samsung smart ring outstanding is the ability to connect to social media networks. Do i hear you say whaaat? yeah! with technology almost all things is possible.

patent rings from samsung

I know some of you ladies will be thinking if this can come in form of smart ear rings, smart necklace, smart nose ring. lol. all this is possible with technology. You never can tell you might be seeing all of those in the nearest future.

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