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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Google Need Your Blood: Google Develop Needle-Free Blood Drawing Devices

Google of recent has been trying to play the role of a Doctor by invading the Medical with technology, the Tech company recently filed a patent application for a needle-free blood drawing device that will poke a hole in your finger and suck up your blood into a barrel.

According to The verge this technology can be use to draw some blood e.g for glucose test, which will be later use to help diabetes patient. Below image are the application samples:

needle free blood drawing tools by googleneedle free blood drawing device google

Don't think Google is becoming a Health Company, which they are not really, This technology is design in such a way that it can either be use as smart watch to track your health or use as normal handheld Device.

Just to remove the doubt, this device is not coming anytime soon and might not see the light of the day, but at least you know what google is upto in the future.

I Thought such tools is available already in Medical Sphere? or what do you think?

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