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Sunday 13 December 2015

Glo NG Launches New Cheapest Data Plan

Wow! the way telecommunication company's are in a competitive mode is really cool this days, yeah, Glo has now boost up their data plan from 1GB for N1000 to 1.5GB for the same N1000. what this means is that with just N1000 you can now subscribe to get 1.5GB, and this plan work with all platform be it Android phones, blackberry , iPhone, PC etc with this Glo New Data package you can browse, download and stream videos online.

How To subscribe To Glo New Data Plan
You can subscribe to this Glo cheap data plan follow the guideline below to choose the one that best suit your daily and monthly need.

Glo Daily Data Plan

Glo Nano Plan Data Plan - 8MB - N50, 1day

Glo instant Surf data plan - 20MB - N50, 1day

New Glo Monthly cheap Data Plan
Glo Always Micro data plan -   1.5GB -          N1000,       30days

Glo My phone data plan -          3Gb -              N2000,      30days

Glo So special data plan -         4.5GB -            N2500,      30Days

Glo Always macro data plan -    6Gb-                N3000       3Days

And also huge data plan
9GB -    N4000
12gb -    N5000

To Subscribe dial *777# and choose the data plan, monthly, and pick any of your choice.

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