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Monday 16 November 2015

Apple Firewall Breached: Iphones Are Now More Vulnerable Than Android

Mainly apple is well known for its security and that's why most folks prefer it than andriod, therefor make apple the number one choice in the world. Most popular celebrities uses this product because of the high classifieds security. 

Now studies has it that the apple IOS  are now more vulnerable than andriod, according to the research by Checkmarx and AppSec Labs, Andriod might likely be safer than Apple IOS.

The research was made by browsing through all the popular Apple Appstore and Google playstore and found out that about 40% apply appstore apps had vulnerability thereby affecting system stability and data protection compared to Android Apps with 36%.

Also, according to an article published by Geektime, the vulnerabilities found might be as a result of the codes used by the developers at the first stage of creating the app.

At least Android users now has something to brag about. Lol. But one thing is certain a fix will be made like yesterday because apple don't take such thing likely. 

What's your take on this, will you rather prefer Andriod than Apple IOS?

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