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Thursday 8 October 2015

Send And Recieve Money on Paypal Using Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Blackberry Limited is no doubt one of the top notch company. Their  messenger apps is among the best in this generation and most have apps for blackberry user and they keep up their update.


Of recent they release an update on how to send money via Paypal to BBM contacts Using Attachment. What this means is that BBM now has Paypal integration for sending money to BBM contacts as an Attachment. you don't need to have the Paypal app for this to work.

How To Use PayPal On BBM
It’s really simple: select the PayPal “Send Money” icon in BBM and connect your PayPal account. You can start sending money to family and friends once they’ve also connected their PayPal accounts to BBM. From there, you’ll simply select the PayPal icon directly in BBM, enter in the amount of money, review the details, and hit send – that’s all it takes!

Why You Should Use PayPal To Send Money Through BBM?
Whether you’re paying a roommate back for rent or splitting dinner with friends, buying a group gift or sending your kid some spending money, sending money with PayPal through BBM is easy because it’s where your conversation is already happening. People don’t have to leave BBM to send a photo or file. So, why should they have to with money? – Pay and get paid in the moment, right in your BBM conversations, using your mobile device.

Does BBM PayPal Work In My Country?
Currently you can only use this feature in Canada only But will be rolling out for other country or region soon. Can't wait for this to be available here.

So is This really cool? will You want to use this BBM Paypal platform?

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