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Sunday 20 September 2015

Get Iphone 6 By Donating Sperm In China

Its so scarie to hear and see how folks are willing to do anything for an Iphone, i had of people using their Kidney etc, i could remember when the iphone 4 came out the fuse was much. a girl in china was willing to offer her virginity just to have it. Now its Iphone 6. You can now donate 17 ml sperm to china sperm bank for you to have the iphone 6 free.


I made a little research and i found out that every man can give 10 ml of sperm at a goal. This means if you want to donate you will have to come back twice or so. let say your sperm will be worth $940. The advert was made on WeChat App.

So if you are in china just know no need to use cash to get iphone 6 , use sperm instead. just go straight to Renji Hospital sperm Bank in shanghai to donate your sperm.

The Question is Will you want to do this just for a Device? comment will be appreciated!

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